Fotot që ju vënë në panik! Mos i provoni në shtëpi

2017-03-25 në ora 21:12

Carlee Benear është një mbretëreshë e jogas. Nëna 29-vjeçare ka vendosur t’i dokumentojë ushtrimet e saj në Instagram.

Ajo ushtrimet i ka realizuar që nga shtatzënia, teksa ato vëjnë shumë nëna në panik, transmeton Gazeta Shneta.

Nga kthimet prapa të jashtëzakonshme e deri të gji-dhëniet e rrezikshme, Benear e bën të qartë se gjithkush mund të bëj gjithçka me vullnet e punë.

Shijojeni këto imazhe, por mos i provoni! /Gazeta Shneta/

My promise to you ,dear children, is this. I will always lift you up even if my world may be upside down. Just as hard times pass, good times do too. And I am forever committed to you. To teach you , to nourish you , to watch you grow. The limits of my love you will never know. The will to be better for you every day will never stop, diminish or fade away. You are my rocks,now my purpose in life and your mama will stand strong with you through whatever plight. I will not be bias in my opinions or ways , but don't think for a second I won't show you how the universe sways. Center your light and you can do it all. Don't stress ,my baby, mama will be here when you fall. I'll watch you grow into unique beings. My heart, my love is what you'll be seeing. You'll change the lives of everyone you meet, don't take that for granted or that's how you will be beat. Everyone too, will gift something to you. Do good unto others and act like you never knew. You have all the power imaginable and it's all up to you to see what the universe has in store for you. I will guide you and love you , I'll do all I can do to show you the power that love has within you. #nursingthoughts #divineyourself #postpartumhealth #selflove. CORK MAT @ilovegurus LEGGINGS @lularoebridgetpugh NURSING TANK @bravadodesigns

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There is not a lot more frustrating than when wipes stick together during a diaper change and are impossible to get out with one hand, since being a mom everything is done with one hand. I love #bloombabywipes from @bloomkind , because they make my life so much easier, with the hustle and bustle of three kids multi-tasking is a must. I had to show you JUST how easy they are to get out , even with your feet ?? at Bloom baby, they believe less is more, simple is good and that there is a sweet spot where nature and responsible science can come together to create products that are safer for baby and also make life easier for parents. At a price point that is actually attainable. Made from 100% Hydro pure water sourced from a 6000 year old Canadian Glacier, Bloom baby sensitive wipes are plant-enriched , biodegradable and non-abrasive toward baby's skin. The wipes are gentle and protective as they contain 98% natural ingredients and are free from harmful ingredients. They are especially great for babies prone to rashes, acne and eczema. Bloom baby sensitive wipes are currently available at Amazon and Target , a happy baby has a happy booty ? CORK MAT by @ilovegurus LEGGINGS by @lularoebridgetpugh

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Y'all ..#anatomyofselflove Day 4 Let me just start with today's incredible host @will_mcs ????????????? Today's affirmation is : I BELIEVE IN MYSELF And what a perfect pose : #peacockpose or #mayurasana to go along with that. This is a tough pose. After reading Will's inspirational information post I was full of courage!!! It took me a BUNCH of attempts to figure it out. ?I could hardly hold it on two hands this morning, let alone ONE!!! ?This one isn't a normal for me in my practice, so it took some determination to keep coming back and trying it again. Especially with the fast paced mornings of motherhood. But , I set a goal for myself and made myself accountable for this daily affirmation. This is why we set them, right? Every time I came back I got better, the communication started flowing and finally I got it!! Now tell me, why on earth that this was actually easier on one hand than two? While breastfeeding ? Meanwhile, my self doubt is sitting over there in the corner of my mind like," I think I'll take the day off ?…." and backs away slowly ?? Light your fire Don't forget to tag us so we see your posts and tag our generous sponsors ?? to be eligible to win rad gifts ? @lovekikikins @jewellerybypinja @annakataika @pucket_pants #breastfeedingyoga #selflove #divineyourself #postpartumhealth

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